BDS Global provides sales development and digital media marketing services that help organizations improve sales conversion and connect with their target audience; smarter, better, faster and cheaper than ever before.




November 2005- Cold Closers Sales Development Service was founded as a performance based sales and business development call center for High Tech and Professional Services companies to increase cold calling, appointment setting and telesales results.


June 2009- Rebranded as Cold Closers LLC, a sales development solutions provider offering outsourced sales management, sales process consulting, training, and prospecting services.


November 2011- Acquired by Sovereign Media and Publications Inc.


December 2012- Merged with SDM Global (division of Sovereign Media and Publications) a digital media services provider. 


March 2014- Renamed BDS Global, an integrated sales development and digital media marketing solutions provider. 


Since the founding of the original company in 2005, the mission, vision and purpose has remained the same, "to help sales professionals make better sales connections and develop long lasting business relationships."